and by us, we mean you, the Utah Birders

We are the Utah Birders. If you go birding in Utah, then you are a Utah Birder as well. As part of our effort to improve the birding community we've created this page to get familiar with other Utah Birders. We want to say hi and ask you what you've seen when you are out in the field and we hope you will do the same. Hopefully, this page will give faces to some of those names you see on UBIRD and encourage all of us to be friendly in the field!

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Tim Avery

Sandy, Utah

I've been birding since I was 12 years old and obsessed since I was 15 when I made my first trip to SE Arizona. I spent 3 summers conducting point counts in Wyoming for Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory and in 2005 helped document the first nesting record of Flammulated Owl in the state. In 2007 I saw 355 species of bird in Utah, breaking the previous big year record. I currently work full time as a User Experience Designer at Property Solutions Inc. designing sofware, mobile websites, and iPad apps. The rest of my free time is spent with my lovely wife Sam and our Boxer-Pitbull Mix Bruce camping, hiking, and relaxing at home.

Jeff Bilsky

Salt Lake City, Utah

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and learned to love the outdoors walking my dog through the forest preserves. Before moving to Utah in 2005, I lived and worked in New York City for a couple of years. Feeling confined by the urban sprawl, I began exploring wilderness on the weekends. It wasn't until I moved to Utah that I really began actively looking for birds. If you go hiking enough in these mountains, you inevitably begin to wonder what you're seeing and hearing. I work as a manager in sales and marketing and travel quite a bit. I always try to make sure I find time for birding, wherever I am.

Carl Ingwell

Salt Lake City, Utah

I have worked with the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory for the past four years conducting point count surveys; I've done most of my work in the Northern Colorado Plateau Network which covers the national parks and monuments in Colorado, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming. Working with RMBO has given me the opportunity to explore nearly every inch of "my neck of the woods." I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to camp out for four months a year. While working, I always take a camera and notepad with me.

Kenny Frisch

Salt Lake City, Utah

I grew up in Western New York and was lucky to have an aunt who was into birds and started taking me birding with her when I was very young. I have been hooked since. Before I moved to Utah in November 2011, I would look for birds all over New York--from the lake plains of the west to the wild Adirondacks and the beaches of Long Island. Many of my trips now are excuses to go birding in new places. Traveling to tournaments for my other passion ultimate frisbee, has allowed me to see birds across the US. I currently work as a landscape gardener at the University of Utah giving me plenty of opportunities to watch birds during the day.

Jerry Liguori

Salt Lake City, Utah

I have been a bird Biologist since the late 1980's and have traveled around the country with a focus on raptors. I try to share what I have learned (via magazine articles) and have written 2 books on Hawk identification -- Hawks From Every Angle (2005) and Hawks at a Distance (March, 2011). I'm not a big "lister" but do keep a yard list. However, my desire to study hawks is greater than ever. My hobbies include hiking, photography, golf, comic books, and a quest to make a great cup of coffee at home. I live in Salt Lake City with my undeniably "better-half", Sherry, and despite my reputation as a "hermit", I am quite friendly, charming, and funny.

Dickson Smith

Willard, Utah

I presently am with out a home and living with my sister in South Willard but should be moving into a home in Brigham City soon with my wife of 35 years who by the way thinks birding is well for the birds.

I have had a deep love and appreciation for nature, and especially birds, for as long as I can remember. As a young boy in Oklahoma, I was either watching them in the yard, from the car window, trying to catch them or running around trying to fly like one. On the family farm in Louisiana I would spend hours out in the woods just exploring, sitting, or observing and listing to the birds and animals that called the bayous and woods home.

I started my serious birding in the late 60's and have recently taken up photographing them again. I find great joy and a sense of awe and peace when watching birds, either when I'm sitting in a blind, lying on my back in the yard watching the sky or trees, trying to put the sneak on a bird to get it's photo or spending hours just observing them. I love watching ducks as they come rushing in rocking back and forth to lose altitude and land on the water. What wonderful and beautiful creatures the Lord has created.

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Pat Jividen

Salt Lake City, Utah

Grew up in Monticello Utah til I was 16. I'm retired and have a cabin in Tabiona Utah. Married to Sonia and together have 10 children and 36 grand children. We have been married 25 years. Been birding since 1999. Steve Carr and I enjoy birding together. Bucket list, Lawrence's Goldfinch, Canyon Towhee, Boreal Owl and Snowy Owl.

Joe Dziedzina

Sandy, Utah

I grew up in Easton, PA and always had a casual interest in birds while enjoying my #1 outdoor activity – fishing. It wasn't until I met NJ mega-birder/activist Dick Dunlap in the early 1990's that my "casual" interest evolved into a lifelong hobby. I spent many fall days on the Scott's Mountain Hawk Watch and participated in several Christmas Bird Counts with Mr. Dunlap before his sudden passing in December 2000. I continued to explore many of the "birdy" areas between Hawk Mountain, PA and Sandy Hook, NJ along with my wife and daughter before company relocation brought us to Sandy, UT in summer of 2010. The swapping out of western versus eastern species has once again sparked my birding interests and I'm in the process of seeking out new "birdy" areas to explore. My work in Applications/Sales in the mining industry requires a good bit of travel (both domestic and international) and birding is the perfect travel pastime to compliment my hectic schedule.

Oliver Hansen

Tooele, Utah

Biology teacher at Grantsville H.S., outdoors enthusiast - mostly birding, hiking, and peakbagging. Have been birding since I was 8.

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Cory and Jessica Stokes


We graduated from feeder watching in late 2007, when we took our first bird walk through the neighborhood. For the first month or two, we shared a compact pair of binoculars Cory received as a free service award from work. Quickly tiring of 1) sharing and 2) the poor eye relief for Jessica, we upgraded to nicer binoculars and started venturing outside the neighborhood. We've been hooked ever since and bird wherever our travels take us. We keep a combined life list (we both have to see it), but the experience and getting to know the bird are more important. Cory's into photographically documenting fun and/or cooperative birds, and Jessica sketches field notes. Jessica also dabbles in painting birds with watercolors usually from Cory's photos. We typically pass on guided trips because we only remember the birds we identify ourselves, but we look forward to bumping into Utah birders we haven't met yet. Wrens rock!

Jay Larson

Tooele, Utah

Born and raised in Tooele Valley Utah and my namesake has developed into an unreal obsession with birds from a very young age. What was once a hobby that was spent buying every sort of feed and sitting at my window with a bird guide has become an insatiable desire to take advantage of one of the greatest areas for birding in the world, Utah. I am a Utah Birder.

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Chris Mason


I've loved nature and the outdoors my entire life. I started watching birds in the 70's in Detroit and Ontario, Canada. Since then, I've been fortunate to visit many great places for birding in North America. I moved to Utah with my family 12 years ago. The birds and the birdwatching community here is great. I'm honored to be part of it.

Matt Mills


I'm a Canadian.

Rindee Sannar


Married to a birder for 14 years. Just decided to join him in 2012.

Dan Salemi

Draper, Utah

I've been a birder since 7th grade. I grew up in a small farm town in Illinois and got hooked when I saw a Brown Thrasher. Until that time, I thought there were only ducks, crows, and sparrows. 40+ years later, I'm still at it.

I'm on the road at least 5 days a week so I don't get a chance to do much chasing here in Utah. Looking forward to meetimg more of you in the field when I do get out.

Samantha Burrell

Salt Lake City, Utah

Field biologist working in bird related projects all over the west. Based in salt lake, currently working a short term contract outside of Las Vegas.

Nelson Holmes


I am a recent transplant to Utah having moved here to share wedded bliss with my new wife. She is a loving and tolerant woman who has accepted my passion for birding (and nature study) with grace. She also hears and sees better than I so I guess I married up! In a past life I was the senior naturalist/tour guide at the Arboretum of Los Angeles County.

Shyloh Robinson

Centerville, Utah

Hi. I love birds... A LOT. I started birding mid 2009 after having a mystical experience with the Great Blue Heron we saw while river rafting through Desolation Canyon in Central / Eastern Utah. Observing the heron standing stoically before snatching a fish, then gobbling it down while we floated by was a genuine face melting experience. When they spread their wings and took flight, so did I. I was spellbound and completely captivated. I HAD to see those birds again.

Lucky for me, they're all over the place.

I was told I could find Great Blue Heron in Farmington Bay WMA only a few miles from my house. Under the impression that Farmington Bay was a place for duck hunters to go hide in the icy mud at 5am to freeze and shoot shotguns. I went anyway and saw a dozen heron on their nest at sunset... my spark was fully lit. I've allowed that spark grow into an out-of-control forest fire of bird zeal. That's a good thing.

I hope to see you out there.

Enjoy your enjoys!

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Nathan Sperry


I have always enjoyed the outdoors. For the last 10 years I have been a wildlife and nature photographer. In June 2012 I started birding with a friend as a way to use our photography equipment more. I am continually amazed at how many birds where hiding from me before I started looking. I add a bird to my list once I feel I have a "quality" photo.

Brent Griffin


Been interested in raptors my whole life which grew into a love for all flying creatures.

Stephanie Greenwood


I grew up in Utah but only started birding in the Summer of 2011 when a Northern Pygmy Owl crashed in to my bedroom window. I was also in awe of the flock of Wild Turkeys in my neighborhood and wondered what else was out there. I run my own business and try to get out birding as much as I can. I do some traveling but bird most around Davis County. I have a passion for the passerine!

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Nashlah Boyayan


I'm into wildlife photography and for the last year or so have found an affinity to photographing birds. I'm lucky that I get to share a passion with my mom - my photography buddy! We've been reading up on birds and studying these magnificent creatures like crazy, but best of all is to just go out and shoot!

Find me on Google +

Leila Ogden

Orem, Utah

Live in Orem. Belong to Utah Birders. Just turned 80 years old, but still able to go birding if not too strenuous. Favorite bird is roadrunner. (I should live in St. George)

Nate Brown

Park City, Utah

PE Teacher in Park City, UT

Ryan O'Donnell

Logan, Utah

Born and raised in Seattle, I moved to Utah in 2006 to start graduate school, and along the way went from a casual bird observer to an obsessed birder. I now serve on the Utah Bird Records Committee and I am the field trip coordinator for the Bridgerland Audubon Society. You can usually find me birding Cache Valley, but sometimes I make my way down to other hotspots around Utah.

Cullen Clark

Logan, Utah

I enjoy being outdoors and have recently discovered that birding and bird photography is a great excuse to get outside.

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Matthew Pendleton

Sandy, Utah

I'm a Landscape Designer and Manager for Pendleton Design Management. I have a wonderful wife with whom I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Carlos Caceres


I am a Photographer from Utah. I love to photograph Landscapes and Wildlife. I recently got into Birding and have dove right in full force. I love to photograph Birds of Prey and especially Owls. I enjoy just birdwatching as well and when I photograph I shot with a Canon 5DII and 400mm. My family enjoys birding with me and I love bringing them along. I love that Utah County has so many places to bird and you will always find me birding everywhere I go. I have a lot to learn still and I am excited to learn all I can from the Utah Birders Community.

Thomas Dunford


I'm a casual/semi-addicted birder, landscape designer, and artist. I love Utah and the West. Things like fly fishing, outdoor cooking, and ornamental grasses occupy most of my thoughts.

Gerald Williams


I'm a retired university professor. My wife and I are avid backyard birders (we feed a LOT of birds and love observing them) and still learning about the larger world of birding.

Dan Kendrick

Ivins, Utah

I've been birding for approximately 14 years. Grew up in Kentucky and Ohio . Currently have 511 life birds in North America. I live in Ivins Utah.

Molly Welch


High school math teacher; have been birding 'informally' all my life; became seriously interested in birding about 3 years ago; am anxious to learn all I can; married with 3 grown daughters; love hiking, skiing, knitting, reading, river rafting.

Joyce Barkley-Hahn


I moved to Utah earlier this month (3/13) from the East Coast. My interest started about 7 years ago when my job required bird surveys. I've been hooked ever since! I'm looking forward to getting out there and seeing new birds - and meeting new birders!

Tom Richardson


Four yrs. ago I was looking for something fun to do together with my son. We attended one of the field trips at the the St. George Winter Bird Festival. My son was hooked. He would spend hours studying books on birds. I've encouarged his interest by seeking out other resources to help him learn more about the birds around us. We joined the Red Cliffs Audubon Society and took an Ornithology course together at Dixie State University. The more I learned the more facinated I became with this world of birds. Now, just about every weekend me and my two sons are out tracking down different bird species we've studied through out the week. This casual interest has blossomed into a passion for birds that we share together.

Margaret Sloan

The U.S.A.

Retired school librarian, library systems administrator. Born in Hawaii, I was raised with an appreciation for the earth and all living creatures.

Christine Bastian


I grew up in Seattle, WA and moved to Utah in 2011. Although I've always liked to know what I was seeing, I have only been "actively" birding since March of 2012. Birding has given my family a great "excuse" to get to know Utah and its incredible natural diversity. Birds remind me every day to breathe deep, and keep my eyes open.

Adam Ashton


Amateur birder, less than 2 years. Gone birding maybe 20 times total. Love nature and getting back into photography (old camera is 35mm Yashica 28-200mm 3.8-5.6 now stepping into the digital age with a 7D and 400mm 5.6) and going to focus primarily on birds and birds in flight. I love birds of prey and my favorite is the American Kestrel. (I feel my love of photography and birding combination will greatly aid my birding identification and lessen the learning curve a bit.) See you out there!

Lana Harris

Utah County

I started birding over 30 years ago and birded hard until I moved back to Utah. I broke 500 species while I lived in Nome. I'm pretty rusty now. I still bird some and would like to join some field trips and find a birding buddy in Utah County. I'm older and not up to hard hiking.


Somewhere, Utah?

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